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Employee/Volunteer Confidentiality Pledge

Personnel who generate, use, or otherwise deal with confidential information should uphold the customer's (patients, employees, visitors, etc.) right to privacy.
  1. To insure the customer's right to privacy.
  2. To obtain each employee's/volunteer’s confidentiality pledge.
  3. To inform employees/volunteers of the consequences of Breach of Confidentiality.

Medical or personal information pertaining to the Health System’s customers is confidential, and personnel shall respect those rights, within the law, to personal and informational privacy.  Diagnosing and prescribing of treatment for human illness and injury are practices limited legally, ethically, and professionally to the patient's physician.   Access and disclosure of employment information is limited to what is required in order to conduct business.  Employees/volunteers are required to read this policy and sign the following pledge upon employment.  Each pledge is kept on file in the Human Resources Department.


I understand and agree that in the performance of my duties as an employee or volunteer of High Point Regional Health, I must hold customer's medical and personal information in confidence.  I also understand that if I violate a breach of confidentiality, I may be immediately dismissed from my duties.  I further understand and agree that:
  • Patients expect that any discussion or consultation involving their case is conducted discreetly.
  • Patients expect to have their medical record read only by individuals directly involved in their treatment or in the monitoring of quality.
  • Individuals not directly involved in treatment may only read a medical record with the patient's written authorization or that of a legally authorized representative.
  • Personnel and computerized health information is considered confidential and will not be disclosed.
  • Release of public information pertaining to any patient or to any aspect of High Point Regional Health is the responsibility of the Health System President, or his designee.
  • Only those individuals directly involved in the employment process or legally authorized individuals are allowed access to personnel records.
  • Disclosure of information by an employee/volunteer may cause irreparable injury to a customer, and that such disclosure may lead to disciplinary or legal action against High Point Regional Health and me.
  • Information about co-workers (HPRHS employees) who became patients at HPRHS must be handled with the same level of confidentiality as information about any other patient.