Welcome Employees

A password is required to submit a request for an internal transfer. In order to obtain the password you can check any of the following resources: Login to the employee portal, check the current issue of "Regional High Points" newsletter, contact HR, or read this week's "Daily Announcements".




Thank you for your interest in volunteering at High Point Regional Health and being a part of a truly exceptional team.  We appreciate the contributions of our more than 500 valuable volunteers who are always willing to take the extra steps that make the different in our customers' hospital experiences.

Key qualifications for HPRHS volunteers are teamwork, pleasant dispositions, compassionate and caring attitudes and respect for patient confidentiality.

The process for becoming a volunteer at HPRHS typically takes 3 - 4 weeks to complete.  It included an interview, criminal background check, drug test, health screen and orientation.

The diversity of our services and projects allow volunteers the opportunity to select placements that best suit their interests and schedules.  Whether you are a retiree, a career professional, a high school student or homemaker, High Point Regional has a volunteer opportunity for you.

Click here to see current Volunteer Opportunities

Students: High School and adult students are accepted only during designated times of the year; check the "Teen" and "College" links for more information before you complete an application.

All Others: Click here for "Steps to Becoming a Volunteer"