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Sponsorship Guidelines

High Point Regional is very involved with the community through speaking seminars, health fairs, health prevention and awareness events and sponsorships. 

To determine the best fit for sponsorship events, High Point Regional uses the following guidelines:
  • Does the requesting charity or organization complement the mission of High Point Regional?
  • Does the requesting charity or organization have a health-focused program, service or event that achieves measurable goals and outcomes?
  • What aspects of health and wellness will this event promote?
  • How will having a healthcare organization present at and/or sponsoring this event benefit the attendees?
Each applicant must complete the sponsorship application in its entirety in order to be considered. Any materials on the specific group, program or event must be sent with the application. 

Sponsorships are at the discretion of the sponsorship committee. We reserve the right to determine whether a request meets the eligibility requirements.

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