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T.I.P. - Total Improvement Pipeline

The Total Improvement Pipeline (T.I.P.) is a program that encourages you to submit improvement ideas. We are seeking process improvement ideas that will improve safety, eliminate waste, increase efficiency, increase revenues, reduce expenses, and improve the quality of the services we provide. Items to consider changing in a process are costly and ineffective workarounds, being repetitive, broken systems, cost saving issues or lack of productivity.
Instructions for getting started:
  1. Make sure your idea is well thought out.
  2. TIP is for suggestions only and not intended for patient complaints.
  3. This is not to be used to inquire about your bill or an insurance matter.
  4. Please do not include any confidential, medical, or financial information.
  5. It is important that you include contact information if necessary.
  6. Details and specifics are very helpful.
  7. Complete the form in it's entirety.

Current process, system, method, procedure, situation or condition that could be improved:

May we contact you about your idea?

Please make sure:
That you have reviewed your idea and included your contact information.

That you have not included any confidential, medical, or financial information.

That you do not submit inquiries about your bill or insurance matters.

This site is to be used for suggestions only. This is not a patient complaint form.

Very Important:
Please do not send us private health information, or specific medical questions. We cannot treat, or diagnose medical problems. If you have a medical question or a question about your own or your familys health, please contact your physician. Please make note that any such correspondence we receive will be immediately destroyed and removed from our servers. You may not use this email address to make, or cancel, medical appointments. If you have an issue that requires immediate medical attention please contact your physician or go to the Emergency Department.
Please note, this idea is submitted on a voluntary basis and is not subject to any compensation. If you have additional questions or need more information e-mail us at tip_systemexcellence@hprhs.com.