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Workers Comp

Workers Compensation is an insurance plan provided by most employers (by law) to pay certain benefits to employees who are injured in accidents that arise out of, and in the course of, employment. The injured worker must notify his/her supervisor of an injury. You must furnish the hospital with complete information on your employer’s name and address. We will also need to know when, where and how the accident occurred. Ideally, you should provide us with the name and phone number of your supervisor.

If you have already been treated and have not yet reported the accident to your employer, please do so immediately. Failure to report the accident may result in loss of benefits. If we file a claim that is denied by your employer, then you are responsible for the hospital bill. We will file your regular health insurance, but be aware they may deny the claim due to lack of pre-authorization.

Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial insurance may not provide primary coverage if you are the victim of an accident at work. High Point Regional is required by law to file work-related claims to your employer’s Workers Compensation carrier even if you have Medicare or Medicaid.