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Mini-Gastric Bypass- Steve

I know it's been forever since a posting, but I really wish I had a lot of news to give to you.
Happy New Year!
I know it's been a very long time since I've posted anything, although there is no news from a weight loss perspective. I've been on a steady plateau, but there is good reason for it.
Happy Holidays!
I've been neglectful again with this blog. However, having my second life-threatening illness in just over three weeks might prove to be a good excuse.
Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm writing this filled with hope that all of you had a great thanksgiving holiday. As for me, the last two weeks have certainly been eventful.
Really, really discouraged
I've had plateaus in my life. And this does NOT feel like a plateau. This feels like the end of the road.
Getting Stoned
No, no, no. Get your mind out of the gutter right now. That's not what this posting is about. Actually, this past Monday I went through my 12th kidney stone, but the first since the surgery.
Clothes Shopping Experience
After promising to keep this more up-to-date, I promptly then fall into my negligent ways again. I'm not promising anything anymore. I'm just going to do it. The last few days have been a mixed bag.
Weekends are cool.
I must apologize for being negligent in posting. Part of that is because there's not much to write about, and part of that is because I've recently been promoted at work and my workload is overwhelming.
Two Months Out!
I'm trying my absolute best to not dwell on the fact that my weight loss has slowed to a crawl. That's easier to do when you look back at the whole process, rather than focus on the immediate past.
Eight Week Mark
Yesterday marked eight weeks since the surgery, and what an incredible eight weeks they have been. I've really slowed down the weightloss lately. I've lost 52 pounds and I'm on day 57.
Emotional Day
First, let me get all of the statistics out of the way. I've now lost 52 pounds at the 7 week point and I'm working on my third belt since the surgery.
Sweet dreams? Not this one
Just thought I'd pass on a funny story from this past weekend.
Sleep Apnea
I was reading my own blog (I recommend it to all writers who wish to punish themselves) and realized I had not mentioned the results of my sleep study.
Six Weeks!
It's been awhile since my last post, so I apologize for not keeping in touch. I feel like my head is going to spin right off my shoulders.
Can I go back to soft foods?
All of you reading this blog (both of you) are probably wondering about the results of switching from fish to chicken. Turns out, it smells just as bad. Seriously. I'm hoping this goes away at some point.
Real Food! (What is that smell?)
First of all, I just want to say that for all of you that attended the clinic yesterday (8/27) it was great to meet many of you, and your questions really rocked! I thought it was the best session I had at
One month anniversary!
One month down, and a lifetime to go! As I look back on this first month, I'm thinking about all of the people who told me that surgery was taking the easy way out.
Where is this hunger coming from?
Yesterday was the fourth week anniversary of the surgery (yeah!), and I've noticed almost exactly coinciding with that occasion and increased level of hunger.
I've seen the limits: And it wasn't pretty
Today is the last day of week 4, and this continues to be an incredible process for me so far. I've lost a total of 35 pounds, and I'm walking about 2-3 miles every morning.
3 weeks later!
Yesterday was the three week anniversary of my surgery, and I could not be more pleased! Okay, I could be eating regular food by now, which would make me more pleased, but I only have 5 more weeks to go.
Day 16: Oatmeal never tasted better!
Yesterday was day 15 post-op, and that meant soft food! I have never, ever tasted anything as wonderful as oatmeal tasted yesterday. And I never really cared for it before now.
Day 10 Post-Op: Good News and Bad
The really good news is that the bloating has all but disappeared. Yeah! I can tell you that had me really worried for a while, maybe a little more than I let on. But it does go away.
Post-Op Day 6
A little late getting started . . . I had every intention on starting this blog a long time ago, but time did get away from me in a hurry.