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Childbirth- Jenny & Sherrill

The end – Part 1
Stories, fortunately for some unfortunately for others, have to come to an end.
The waiting game and playing unfairly
So we've been waiting on pins and needles since the water breaking incident with very little exciting news.
Media attention!
Things have been so crazy, I completely forgot about the wonderful article that the Greensboro News & Record wrote about the blog. If you're interested, here it is. http://www.news-record.com/apps/pbcs.
The Phantom Menace (with apologies to Mr. Lucas)
I was up Monday morning at 4:30 AM and feel as if I am officially back to grad school levels of insomnia.
False Alarm?
I had intended to write a piece about balancing work and family life, since the only thing more nerve-racking than having to go out of town to a conference with Jenny in week 36 was finding out she was pregnant when
Some assembly required
(told from Dad-to-be’s perspective) I’ve been told by countless people since Jenny got pregnant that we’re not “really ready” for parenting.
Diagnosis: Pregnancy
The pregnancy books spend a fair amount of space discussing the pros and cons of small versus large obstetric practices.
Childbirth classes
We know that part of this experience is going to classes. This knowledge alone; however, was not sufficient to make us “want” to take childbirth preparation classes.
Introducing us
The following is told from Sherrill’s (dad to be) perspective. Families are defined by the stories that they tell.