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Patient Blogs

At High Point Regional, we believe that open communication is one of the key factors in providing total care to our patients. To facilitate that process, we have created online patient Web journals, or blogs, where patients can share their experiences with each other and with the public. Sherrie, a soon-to-be patient at High Point Regional, has agreed to journal her pregnancy and childbirth experience, and we thank her for that. While her real name has been withheld to protect her privacy, the thoughts she expresses within the blog are her own, and have not been edited by High Point Regional. We hope you'll find her journal informative and thought-provoking, and encourage you to contribute your thoughts and comments to the blog.

Local journalist, Cathy Weaver, is sharing her experience of having stage one breast cancer on a new patient blog called Chemo Field Trips (www.chemofieldtrips.com). In her blog, she documents her daily experiences describing the intricate details of dealing with different medications, going to chemotherapy, going to physical therapy, and relating to those going through the same challenges.

Chemo Field Trips in the News

Mini-Gastric Bypass

Joan - Began March 2005
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Brooke - Began March 2006
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Perry - Began May 2005

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