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Joint Replacement Library

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Back Pain, Low - Symptoms in the low back can relate to the bony portion of the spine, to discs between the vertebrae, spinal cord and nerves, muscles of the low back, or even internal organs of the pelvis and abdomen. The low back, or lumbar area, functions in structural support, movement, and protection of certain body tissue.
Baker’s Cyst
- A cyst or pouch that occurs behind the knee, in the synovial lining of the knee. Synovial fluid escapes from the knee joint and into the cyst in people who suffer from degenerative and other joint disease. Aspiration of the cyst is therapeutic only temporarily since recurrence is common. Larger cysts can be removed surgically.
Benign - Something that does not metastize. Treatment or removal is curative.
Bennett’s Fracture - A fracture-dislocation of the thumb.
Biopsy - Procedure that involves obtaining a tissue specimen for microscopic analysis to establish a precise diagnosis. Biopsies can be accomplished with a biopsy needle (passed through the skin into the organ in question) or by open surgical incision.
Bone Banks - Centers for acquiring, characterizing, and storing bones or bone tissue for future use.
Bone Cements - Adhesives used to fix prosthetic devices to bones and to cement bone to bone in difficult fractures.
Bone Marrow - The soft, spongy tissue found in the center of most large bones that produces the cellular components of blood: white cells, red cells and platelets (hemopoiesis). It is also the most radiation sensitive tissue of the body.
Bone - The hard, calcified tissue of the skeleton of vertebrate animals.
Bulging Disc - A condition that results in the abnormal protrusion (bulging, herniation) of a vertebral disc from its normal position. The displaced disc may exert force on a nearby nerve root causing the typical neurological symptoms of radiating pain (to an extremity), numbness, tingling and weakness. Recurrent episodes of severe back pain are common.
Bursa - A bursa is a closed fluid-filled sac that functions as a gliding surface to reduce friction between tissues of the body.
Bursectomy - Surgical drainage and removal of an infected bursa.