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Piedmont Joint Replacement Center


                           Delivering Excellence in Joint Replacement and Spine Care

Joint or back pain can deprive you of the normal activities of daily living. Simple pleasures become difficult, if not impossible. Diet, exercise and medications may help alleviate the pain and discomfort. When they no longer work, it may be time to consider surgery. Piedmont Joint Replacement Center is specially designed to meet the unique needs of patient needing total joint replacement or spine surgery.

A Comprehensive Caring Team

Our program brings together an expeienced highly skilled, caring team. Our outstanding orthopaedic surgeons, dedicated nurses and therapists are committed to helping you regain a new lease on life. Our staff has been recognized for their positive attitudes, motivational skills and desire to provide exceptional service. They have been specially trained to provide comprehensive medical care for patients undergoing specialized procedures and are focused on successful outcomes for all our patients. 

A Dedicated Wellness Center.

Our Center is a special unit dedicated specifically to the care of knee, hip and shoulder replacement patients and those who have had spine, located on the eighth floor of High Point Regional Health, in High Point, seperate from the general hospital population. Our patients enjoy a private room and personalized, private therapy including stair training and daily living activities. Patients are encouraged to wear their own clothes rather than hopsital gowns. They go through recovery, group exercise and social activities with other patients who have had the same procedures to benefit from the support and encouragement of others.

Emphasis on Education.

According to Press Ganey research, patient who are well-educated about their procedure and pre and post-op care, are more liekly to have better outcomes. We place a high priority on making sure you and your family are well-infomed every step of the way. We offer Joint Camp - our innovative patient education program, which offers resources and education for our patients and caregivers.

Questions about Knee, Hip or Spine Pain?

High Point Regional sponsors free seminars about joint and spine pain. You will learn what causes the pain and hear about many of the latest treatments. There are also tips on diet, exercise and medication.Click here for a list of our upcoming seminars, or call (336) 878.6888. To find out more about Piedmont Joint Replacement Center and orthopedic surgery, call High Point Regional at (336) 878-6888 or send us an email

Piedmont Joint Replacement Center was recently featured on Fox News Medical Minute. View the coverage here.