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The Neuroscience Center

Think First For Kids

Think First for Kids represents a new effort to expand the message of safety to the elementary school-aged population. The program is the result of a two-year endeavor by educators, neurosurgeons, psychologists and curriculum experts. It has been highly acclaimed by teachers as an invaluable tool for imparting the message of injury prevention.

  • The program features a six-week curriculum for grades 1-3. The curriculum is customizable and can focus on vehicular safety, bicycle safety, water safety and violence.
  • The program uses an animated video, an interactive computer game, a progressive comic book, wall posters, a curriculum manual and reinforcement strategies.
  • Think First for Kids is taught at the Millis Regional Health Education Center in High Point. The Millis Center features hands-on exhibits and displays, which make the experience unforgettable.

For more information on the Think First for Kids program, contact Regional Physicians Neuroscience Center at (336) 889-8877.