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Cancer Registry

The Cancer Registry is a database of all patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and, or treated for cancer at High Point Regional since January, 1993. The registry is designed for collection, management, analysis and distribution of cancer management information. It also helps assess the effectiveness of treatment for cancer through gathering treatment information and performing lifetime follow-up with our patients.

Information gathered in the Cancer Registry is important. The Cancer Registry participates with the American Cancer Society’s national database, and the North Carolina Central Cancer Registry by providing data gathered and disseminated in our registry. Information gathered at High Point Regional Health is combined with data from across the state and nation to study patterns of treatment and care. The staff of the Cancer Registry is well aware that each number represents a person who is precious to someone. To these patients and their families, we commit to collect accurate data to assist in the fight against cancer. We remember that behind every number is someone’s mother, sister, father, brother, son or daughter.