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Radiation Oncology Team

At the Hayworth Center and you can be assured of quality radiation oncology services. In our day to day practice, we know the anxiety and fear of the unknown, anger and doubt patients with a diagnosis of cancer experience. Recognizing the subtle and sometimes bold differences between individuals, our staff strives to meet or exceed each individual's needs and expectations. You are our top priority. The partnership that develops between you and our staff is intended to provide you with knowledge about this treatment.

The Radiation Oncologist

The physicians who direct your radiation therapy are called radiation oncologists. Our radiation oncologists are both part of the UNC Health Care faculty. They work very closely with The Hayworth Cancer Center Team, including your medical oncologist and surgeon. Each patient meets initially with the radiation oncologists for a consultation where treatment details are discussed. The physician decides how many treatments will be needed. The doctor will meet with you weekly throughout your radiation treatments. Meet the radiation oncologists:

The physicians leading this role include:
Mohit Kasibhatla, MD
Heather Pacholke, MD

The Oncology Nurse

You will also meet the oncology certified nurse at your initial consult. She will get medical information about you. She will also talk with you about what to expect from radiation in general and then about side effects from your specific treatment. She will also be there to help with pain management, nutrition and radiation side effects. You can look to her for emotional support for you or your family if you need a pep talk or just a hug.

The Medical Dosimetrist and Physicist

These highly trained individuals work closely with your radiation oncologist to custom design a treatment delivery plan just for you. They begin with the prescription given to them by the radiation oncologist. Utilizing your CT, MRI and/or PET images, they create a plan that will deliver the optimal dose of radiation to your tumor site, while protecting the normal surrounding organs and tissue. Three dimensional, computerized equipment is used to perform complex dose calculations leading to your final treatment plan. The latest in High Energy Conformal Radiation is available with IMRT, Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy. Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) provides optimal imaging while patients are being prepared for treatment. 

The Therapist

These registered, radiation professionals work directly with your radiation oncologist, the dosimetrist and physicist to deliver your radiation treatments. They will discuss with you and your family what to expect while you are being treated. They will get to know you as they will be treating you Monday through Friday. They refer any of your concerns to the nurse or physician as they arise. They will also assist with any scheduling changes that you may need to make.