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Golf Fitness Academy

The Golf Fitness Academy at High Point Regional Specializing in:
  • Golf fitness assessments
  • Customized golf fitness programs
Our golf fitness programs can:
  • Enhance swing efficiency
  • Increase distance
  • Improve playing satisfaction and performance
  • Identify and reduce injury triggers
"Better your body to better your game"

Read High Point Enterprise's article about the program.


Golf fitness technology is relatively new to the sport of golf, and is making quite an impact.  Benefits include enhancing swing efficiency, improving distance, and improving playing performance. This spoke of the player development wheel compliments the skill and equipment components by enhancing swing mechanics and efficiency, allowing for better ball striking, greater distance, and improved playing performance and satisfaction.

Getting golfers who have temporarily or permanently given up the game due to acute or chronic injury back on the course is another benefit of this program.  Identifying muscle deficiencies and/or faulty swing mechanics that lead to common aches and pains, like low back injury, and then correcting these through a  customized, progressive exercise intervention is essential for return to play.

Whether you're an individual looking to improve your game or a teaching professional wanting to add value to your program, the Golf Fitness Academy can help. Our certified golf fitness instructor has worked with hundreds of golfers of all ages and playing abilities. Give us a call at 336-878-6221 for more information or to schedule an appointment.