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The Newborn Channel

The Newborn Channel is now available at High Point Regional Health.  The Newborn Channel delivers essential newborn and parenting information to help prepare new moms when they need it most. New parents and their families can enjoy easy access to highly trusted, professionally endorsed content on topics such as infant and mom care, siblings and family living, work-life balance and much more.

You can access this wonderful resource for new parents not only in our facility, but also online before and after giving birth by visiting www.newbornchannelonline.com. Simply enter the password "newborn" and select High Point Regional from the hospital list.  You can also access this information by texting the word "newborn" to 411247 from your smartphone. 

The Newborn Channel provides engaging and accessible programming on many topics including:
  • Diapering, bathing and general infant care
  • Mom health and birth recovery topics
  • Breastfeeding basics and tips for success
  • Car seat safety, smoking cessation, sudden infant death syndrome and more.
Programs and transcripts from the Newborn Channel are also available for new parents on demand before, during and after their hospital stay. The educational content on the Newborn Channel is overseen and reviewed by a Medical Advisory Board which works diligently to ensure all content is up to date and presented in a clear and understandable way for parents and their families.