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Industrial Rehabilitation

High Point Regional's Rehab Center offers a comprehensive industrial program to assist employees to return to the job safely.  The program is also designed to assist the employer create a safe workplace for employees, and to provide injury prevention programs. Services offered include:

Functional Capacity Evaluation - The FCE is a measure of what work and daily tasks a person is able to perform.  The FCE is used to determine an injured employee's maximum safe work ability.  Specific restrictions as well as whether or not an employee can return to a specific job are determined.

Work Conditioning - Work Conditioning is designed for injured employees who have been out of work for several weeks, and are no longer in the acute injury stage.  These employees, however cannot yet meet the physical demands of the job.  The Work Conditioning program is 4 hours per day and consists of flexibility, endurance, strengthening and conditioning exercises, as well as education and job simulation.

Pre-Placement Screens (PPS) - A PPS is a physical screen performed post-offer of employment.  The PPS provides the employer with valuable base-line physical status information upon hiring in the event an employee sustains an injury in the future.  It also determines if the applicant poses a "high risk" to the health and safety of himself/herself or others that cannot be eliminated or reduced by reasonable accommodations.

Physical Agility Test (PAT) - A PAT can identify if an applicant can safely perform essential functions of high-risk jobs such as heavy lifting.  The PAT may be administered at any stage of the hiring process and helps the employers determine which applicants are the most qualified for the available position.

Job Site Analysis - A JSA is used to assess the essential functions and physical demand characteristics of the job.  The JSA examines the work site and makes recommendations to modify the work station or work situation to prevent work injury.

Ergonomic Assessment - Information is gathered as to how a job is performed, how work stations are designed and how administrative policies effect job performances.  This information is then analyzed and areas of concern for risk of injury to specific body parts are identified.

Back Education Programs - This is an educational program to instruct employees and management in all aspects of back care.  It can be in the format of a "train the trainer" program, back screening program, flex and stretch programs and onsite lifting/posture education sessions.