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You should already have all the prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines you will need prior to your surgery.

Below is a list of all medications you will need upon discharge from the hospital:
  • Over-the-counter Prilosec in 20mg doses. Take one by mouth twice daily for four months.
  • Over-the-counter Pepto Bismol. Take one tablespoon or two tablets every morning, afternoon, evening and at bedtime for four months.
  • Citrucel. Have one teaspoon in liquid twice daily for the rest of your life.
  • Tums at 1,000mg doses three times daily for the rest of your life.
Additionally, it is recommended to have these prescriptions filled prior to surgery in case you experience nausea:
  • Reglan (also known as metoclopramide) in 10mg doses to be used only when you are experiencing nausea. This can be taken up to, but no more than three times per day.
  • Phenergan (also known as promethazine) in 25mg to 50mg doses every four to six hours, as needed.
Both of these drugs can cause drowsiness.

During your pre-operative evaluation, our medical staff will evaluate additional medications you may be taking.  Blood pressure and blood sugars should be monitored daily by the patient and values discussed in advance of surgery with our clinicians before administering medications for these problems.