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Band Adjustments

  • The purpose of an adjustment is to ensure that you feel satisfied when you eat and that you are losing weight gradually, about 1-2 pounds per week.
  • The adjustments are done by your doctor or another healthcare professional by adding sterile saline to the band through the port. Adjustments can also involve removing saline from the band through the port.
  • When filling the band, saline travels from the port through the tube and into the band, making the band fit more snugly around your stomach.
  • Here is some additional information you should know about adjustments:
  • Because your doctor wants to make sure that your stomach completely heals from the surgery, your first band adjustment won’t usually occur until 4-6 weeks after your surgery.
  • Adjustments do not require more surgery. In fact, an adjustment can be made in a doctor’s office or a clinic, and usually only takes 5-10 minutes.
  • An adjustment when fluid is added is referred to as a “fill”. Fills tighten the band around the stomach so you’ll feel full sooner and longer than you did before the fill, because the food will empty from your upper stomach more slowly.