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Life After Surgery

It will be important for you to plan on easing back into your daily routine. You can go back to work within a couple of days to a week, depending on when you feel well enough and the procedure. Generally, gastric banding patients will return to work sooner than will those who have had gastric bypass surgery.

Making modifications in your lifestyle will consist of planning for your diet, exercise schedule, and taking medications and vitamins for a few months following your procedure and some as part of your daily routine. We offer support groups and resources for our patients as they make this change in life.

Patients will be expected to schedule regular follow-up visits with our surgeons and staff. These visits will allow us to regularly monitor your overall progress including health check-ups and provide you with nutritional and lifestyle guidance along with support. Gastric banding patients will also need to obtain periodic fills to adjust their band restriction to the ultimate restriction level.