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Fitness Support

Some patients may benefit from medically supervised exercise. The Fitness Center at High Point Regional Health is a medically based fitness facility. Our staff—all with degrees in exercise science and/or certifications in their appropriate disciplines, as well as CPR and/or ACLS certifications—has expertise in fitness as well as exercise, physiology, sports science, nutrition, nursing and medicine. For more information you can visit the Fitness Center webpage, or call (336) 878-6221.

Physical therapy

Some sleeve gastric bypass (also commonly referred to as mini-gastric bypass or MGB) patients may benefit from Physical Therapy. Fortunately, High Point Regional Health is a designated "magnet" healthcare organization by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Magnet status is a prestigious credential we share with a very limited number of elite healthcare organizations. In addition to recognizing excellence in nursing service, it also requires that we have access to a comprehensive physical therapy program, and we do. For more information on the physical therapy program at High Point Regional Health call (336) 878-6915, or simply click here.