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Living to tell the tale

You never know what life is going to hand you. One minute I was at an Urgent Care Center complaining of a sore neck, the next minute I was being rushed by ambulance to High Point Regional. Apparently, the doctor had seen something alarming on my EKG, and I needed immediate emergency care. During the ambulance ride, my heart went into cardiogenic shock and stopped pumping blood which then pooled in my vital organs and caused them to start failing. When we arrived at High Point Regional, I was wheeled directly into the Cardiac Cath Lab. The talented surgeons there worked on me and helped me cheat death.
I am Living Proof of Total Care.

Asheboro, NC 


Rare Condition, Rare Courage

Soccer-playing twenty-seven year olds aren’t supposed to have strokes. But I did. I had a spinal-cord stroke
that left me paralyzed from the waist down and I heard the unimaginable words, ”You’ll never walk again.”
Devastated but determined, I began physical therapy at High Point Regional’s Rehab Center. The incredible
staff there encouraged, trained and pushed me. Now I can walk, but I won’t rest until I’m able to run again.
With the help of doctors and staff at High Point Regional, I’ll do it.
I am Living Proof of Total Care.

High Point, NC


The beat goes on

When I was a high school sophomore I developed a heart condition called supraventricular tachycardia. The condition left me exhausted and terrified my parents. All I wanted was to feel well enough to return to what I loved best, the drum line at Ledford High. When we met with HPHRS cardiologists Dr. Cheek and Dr. Tyson, they told us about the heart surgery that could help me. I went ahead and had the surgery and went right back to drumming. High Point Regional gave me the care I needed.
I am Living Proof of Total Care.

High Point, NC