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About Us

Opened in January 2001, the 132,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art Carolina Regional Heart Center is an outpatient facility dedicated primarily to providing a full spectrum of outpatient cardiac services.

Improving patient care and service has been the main objective of the Center's development. The result is a unique, cutting-edge facility that expands and improves delivery of health services in the region. It is the only true physical facility that can be called a "heart center." Our five-story structure, which adjoins the main hospital on Elm Street, assembles under one roof all outpatient cardiac services, including prevention, physical care, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.

The Heart Center complex was designed to accommodate this growth, and to provide ways for patients to conveniently enter the facility and access patient services. Although it is a stand-alone structure, the building is connected to the main hospital by corridors on every floor, providing immediate access to inpatient services. The concept of making the patient the number one priority is evident as you move throughout the facility.

The first floor houses a medically-directed fitness center and Heart Strides, our  cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation program.

The focus on patient convenience and accessibility is showcased on the second floor, which houses several functions: admitting and pre-registration for inpatients and outpatients, pre-assessment, outpatient imaging, including separate imaging for women's services and administration. Before the center opened, patients had to travel back and forth between separate buildings for admitting and pre-assessment services.

A cardiology pavilion, which provides all outpatient cardiac procedures, including diagnostic catheterization and coronary stents and angioplasty, comprises the entire third floor. This floor features an endoscopy lab, a cardiac catheterization lab, a vascular lab and a day hospital with 28 pre- and post-op patient rooms, almost twice as many as available in the main hospital's catheterization lab.

Carolina Cardiology Cornerstone’s office occupies the fourth floor. UNC Cardiothoracic Surgery of High Point has offices on the fifth floor, along with the Esther R. Culp Women's Center and the offices of Pinewest Ob/Gyn. This floor connects to the maternity ward on the main hospital's fifth floor.

Carolina Regional Heart Center is proud and excited to provide this unique facility to our region, for patients not only from High Point but surrounding communities as well.