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Behavioral Health

Since 1990, behavioral health assessment, inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for chemical dependency and psychiatric conditions have been provided to Piedmont Triad communities at High Point Behavioral Health.

High Point Behavioral Health has a Behavioral Assessment Center located at High Point Regional Health. The center offers a confidential assessment at no charge for psychiatric or chemical dependency conditions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 1(800) 525-9375.

The Smith Psychiatric Center offers The High Point Behavioral Health inpatient services including: psychiatric crisis stabilization and/or detoxification from alcohol or other drugs. Outpatient services are provided at 320 Boulevard Street. These include: psychiatric evaluation and medication management through Regional Psychiatric Associates, chemical dependency intensive outpatient programs, and individual therapy services through Regional Psychiatric Services.

High Point Behavioral Health also has many chemical dependency services including: an inpatient program which offers 24-hour treatment for detoxification and crisis stabilization, evening intensive outpatient treatment programs designed for patients who may not need to be away from their family or job for an extended period of time, individual and group counseling programs based on each individual's need.

For more information on High Point Behavioral Health, call (336) 878-6098.