Welcome Employees

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Service Philosophy

One of the things that we're most proud of at High Point Regional Health is the level of service we provide to our patients, our patients' families, our medical staff and our co-workers. In fact, we're so committed to superior service that we've wrapped the entire culture of our organization around a simple set of values and standards.

Our highest priorities are compassion for our patients, teamwork among our employees and integrity for the community. These are the three fundamental values, which drive each decision we make and each action we take. They are more than words on your screen. They are who we are.

To ensure these values are embodied each day in our hospital and physician offices we have also developed four standards of employment which provide key areas of focus for our employees.

• Attitude
Be approachable and pleasant. Treat everyone with dignity, respect and compassion. Maintain a professional appearance. Be a team player.

• Communication
Introduce yourself to patients & visitors and offer your assistance. Respect patient privacy. Use communication tools at work in a timely, courteous and professional manner.

• Responsiveness to needs
Anticipate needs; exceed expectations. Take time to listen and try to understand. Be prompt in acknowledging and responding to requests.

• Sense of ownership
Take pride in High Point Regional Health. Provide a safe environment. Be a cost-effective team player. Find opportunities to let people know about the exceptional health care provided by our organization. Thank our patients for choosing us as their health care provider.

This service culture is part of an internal program that we call Target Excellence. The Target Excellence philosophy was developed and implemented by our employees and is one of the primary reasons that we are an employer of choice in our region.