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High Point Regional Health and Wellness Program

High Point Regional Health and Wellness Program began in 1995. The program started with a goal to encourage and sustain good health behaviors by offering targeted programs to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our workforce. Over the course of the years, the program developed by strategically planning an employee engagement process that focused on preventative health goals. As a result of these concentrated efforts, the Wellness Rewards Program was developed to help record employees’ efforts through preventative screenings, weight management programs, tobacco cessation programs, and health education opportunities while being rewarded for it. The wellness program evolved to provide prizes, including cash bonuses for employees who achieve well-defined goals. In addition, an employee assistance program, with a variety of specialty trained counselors, became available at no cost to all employees.  In 1997 High Point Regional Health was awarded WELCOA “WELL Workplace Silver Award” followed by the “1999 WELL Workplace Gold Award” recognizing achievement in health promotion. In 2005, a proactive, employee initiative led High Point Regional Health to become the first tobacco-free healthcare campus in the region. 

High Point Regional Health’s Employee Wellness Program has made great strides in developing an evolving wellness culture throughout our workforce. We have made a concerted effort to design programs that offers something for everyone. Over the years our program has grown from Wellness Rewards to WELL U, maintaining the same values. WELL U is a health promotion college that encourages employees to lead a well life by challenging them to complete different health related goals throughout the year. Some of the offerings include, online tools used to help employees track their nutrition and exercise performance as well as compete in fun online physical activity challenges. We offer a WELL U Book Club to those who manages stress through the mental escape of reading.  We provide workshops on stress management, spiritual awareness, nutrition education cooking demos, fall prevention, and financial fitness. To assist them we have developed an onsite Fitness Center that is staffed with medical certified exercise physiologist  along with an Employee Wellness Center that is free to employee’s and their spouses. We also offer onsite Weight Management programs to assist in employees’ efforts. Our cafeteria offers daily WELL U Meals that meet healthy nutrition guidelines. We have also worked to offer healthy vending options accessible throughout our campus. Our onsite Farmer’s Market has thrived for over a decade offering locally grown produce and plants to our employees and the community. In addition we offer free onsite smoking cessation counseling to our employees and the immediate family members which includes free nicotine replacement therapy. Taking one step further, we now offer a Clinical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA) and Biometric Screening to provide members with valuable information about their health. Our Employee Retail Pharmacy is the perfect compliment offering a convenient onsite location and discounts. The Employee Care Clinic opened October 2, 2007 serving hospital employees with acute illnesses.  There is a minimal fee which may be payroll deducted. The clinic has a 20 minute turn-around time which enables employees to be seen without missing a lot of time from work.  Since they are able to be seen early in their illness it also contributes to less absenteeism. Referrals are made to the Wellness Coordinator for smoking cessation as well.   

Some of the most popular and beneficial features of our program are:

WELL U Book Club: 

Since the creation of the Book Club in 2011, there are 38 members, two of which are Vice Presidents. The book club meets monthly over light refreshments during the workday for discussion. We are now in our third season this year. The book club is an indirect stress management offering allowing for a mental escape from the everyday. 


This facility is free to all employees, volunteers, and their spouses. It’s equipped with weight training and cardiovascular equipment. Aerobics classes such as Zumba are offered several times a week at no cost to members. The facility averages 550 employee visits per month


Currently, there are 1492 members in The Fitness Center.  To learn more about what the Fitness Center has to offer click here.  

Get Healthy High Point

Get Healthy High Point is a program offered to employees as well the community.
Since January of 2009, we have offered 7 weight loss campaigns.  There have been 1,232 people who have signed-up for the campaigns with 635 (52%) completing the 12-week programs.  Of those, 441 (69%) have lost 2,970 pounds or an average of 6.7 pounds/pp.  This is a free disease prevention campaign. 


Averages 240 employee visits per quarter


268 employee friends since August of 2010


Offers onsite convenient 12 week series with payroll deduction available to employees. First 12 week series group members collectively lost over 500lbs

Employee Testimonials:

I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed myself yesterday at the Book Club meeting.  Thank you for suggesting Sundays at Tiffany's, it was a great book.  Thank you also, for the whole idea of the Book Club.  For the most part I like my job but this gives it an added pleasure.
Lynn Powell
Medical Records