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High Point Regional Health's medical staff is recruiting for physicians in a variety of ways.  High Point Regional's not-for-profit subsidiary, Regional Physicians, employs physicians in Family Medicine, Urgent Care/OccMed, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics, Physical Medicine, Fertility Medicine and other specialities. Physician practice recruitment processes vary with each specialty.  Below is information on primary recruiting entities in our area.
High Point Regional Health
Regional Physicians
Kathleen Baber - Executive Director of Regional Physicians, LLC.
(336) 883-4296 x132
Current open positions

Cornerstone Healthcare

Jennifer LeBeau (336) 802-2566
Bethany Medical Center Internal Medicine
Jan Liptrap (336) 883-0029
Allied Health Practitioners
Mary Vaughn - Cornerstone (336) 802-2400
Terri Pierce - Regional Physicians (336) 883-6031