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Women's Hospital Guild

Through persistent efforts of W.R. Peters, administrator at Guilford General and then at the new High Point Memorial Hospital, the Women’s Hospital Guild was formed. The initial group of 12 women began a tradition of giving, which has been a source of emotional support and financial aid to the Hospital totaling over $4 million through its 59-year history.

War Thwarts Growth

Board members appealed to the federal government for assistance in building a new facility, but the government was helping only where there was a definite war-connected need for hospital facilities. The Board turned to the community and High Point’s citizens once again met the challenge.

A Social Challenge

Dr. Jack Lynch and Nursing Supervisor Ophelia Corbitt confronted the hospital’s social policy of segregation. Mrs. Corbitt, head nurse of the "colored" ward, called Dr. Lynch, a pediatrician who had been in town just two weeks, to help her with a 3-pound black baby who needed special care. The hospital’s only incubator was located in the all-white nursery, and Dr. Lynch decided to break hospital policy and move the black baby so it could receive the care it needed. The baby survived.