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Hospital's X-ray machine - 1920's

The First Emergency Room
The 1920's

Sometime in the 1920's, an addition was made on the back of the hospital to house an X-ray machine and an emergency room. In 1921, a young Navy surgeon, Dr. H.L. Brockmann, joined Dr. Burrus with the assignment of establishing a laboratory to provide better diagnostic facilities. After the arrival of an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist and a general surgeon during the 1920's, a new, modern operating suite was added. High Point had 28,000 residents.

The Depression

By the time the banks closed in 1929, the Hospital deeply felt the Depression. Hospital income was at its lowest point in history, and there were anxious moments when the doors nearly closed. Nurses were provided food and lodging instead of salaries, and local ENT specialist, Dr. O.B. Bonner, helped pull the Hospital through by sending his tonsillectomy patients to the hospital instead of doing the surgeries in his office.