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High Point Regional's Formative Years
The 1910's

The Hospital’s cash balance at the end of each of the early years was usually passed "to fixtures and improvements," which was how the hospital literally grew a room or two at a time.

While Dr. Burrus travelled overseas, with Mr. Andrew at his side, to serve our country during World War I, patients had to travel by train to Salisbury for surgery. Dr. Burrus’ returned in 1919 saw him hailed as a traumatic care specialist.

Dr. John T. Burrus

When Dr. Burrus drew up a will in 1927, he set up a trusteeship which was to provide for the continued operation of the Hospital for 10 years after his death.

Though that will  became inoperative upon the 1933 sale of the Hospital to The Duke Endowment, Dr. Burrus later drew up another will which left funds for the maintenance of the buildings and equipment of the hospital and the nurse's home. Dr. Burrus died in 1935.

"Mr. Andrew"–A Lifetime of Service
Andrew Corbett

 Andrew Corbett
In 1910, Andrew Corbett began working with Dr. John Burrus and the staff at High Point Hospital. This was the beginning of a 73 year association. When "Mr.  Andrew" retired in 1983 at the age of 91, he was the longest term hospital employee in the nation and one of our hospital's most cherished health care professionals.