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Fashion expert???


Every day with my new body is a new experience. Last night, as I was checking out hair products at the grocery, I got into a conversation with a lady looking for something to make her hair less frizzy. After deciding that nothing would help short of ironing her hair (yes, it was a strange conversation) she introduced herself. She is a clothing designer from Montreal where fashion is still very important. Unlike Vermont where we consider flannel nightgowns and tube sock high fashion, but I digress... She is planning a trunk show in Vermont and wanted my opinion on things. Would a Sunday afternoon work best or a weekday night? Where would be a good location for this? How to get the word out to sharp, well dressed women like me? Huh???? What a hoot that was! I'm still grinning. To think that 8 months ago, I was a dowdy, unattractive, no makeup kind of gal. Now, I am being consulted by designers because I CLEARLY have an eye for fashion and well cut, tailered-for-women fashions. Yeah, I'll be on the cover of Vogue real soon. But looking in the mirror, I DO look good! I wear makeup every day now. I use mousse, hair spray, gel, whatever it takes to look "put together". I guess it is working. See you at the trunk show, Dahling.



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