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Christmas plans


Merry Christmas! In the past, Christmas consisted of baking, eating, parties where the food selection was important, dinners where I scoped out dessert first. It was all about food. Not this year!

This year, I will be spending Christmas alone. It's just the way things worked out. Now, I could sit home, feel sorry for myself, eat and/or cry all day, but that's not what I feel like doing. It is very weird, and if you told me last year how I would CHOOSE to spend Christmas this year, I would send you to a good doctor for a brain scan, but here is the plan.

I am spending Christmas Eve with Anne, the great friend who was my care giver after surgery, and her family. Christmas morning, I am packing up my car with the appropriate work-out gear and taking a ferry ride across Lake Champlain, then driving down the Northway to Saratoga Springs, NY. I'm heading for a beautiful spa in the Adirondack mountains. Once there, I will apend time on the treadmill and working with weights. I'll swim laps in the pool, relax in the sauna and jacuzzi. The spa restaurant won't be open that day. I figure I'll bring some protein bars and Muscle Milk and a cooler with some veggies. I'm on a celery kick now. Isn't it strange to not care about eating a real meal? I'm more excited about working out and swimming! Movie theaters are open, so I'll go to a movie that night.

The day after Christmas, I'll be at Target when it opens. I want a new long coat in faux fur. Maybe a few good chef's knives. And I need more skirt hangers. If you live near a Target, I'm sure you are scratching your head over this, but there is no Target in Vermont, so this is a real thrill to me! After a lunch, probably consisting of salad, I'll head back to the spa for more of a workout. After that, I will get a European Facial for an hour followed by a pomegranite and cranberry butter body treatment for an hour. Doesn't that sound like heaven? I am looking at alone time now as time to work out and be pampered. Quite a change in habits, don't you think?

I haven't given much thought to food at all. I am more focused on losing inches and looking better in a bathing suit and shorts. Now that we are past Winter Solstice, the days are getting longer. Spring is only 3 months away!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night...no snacks!



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