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Rives Race 2012 - Save the Date!




Spring is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to dust off your sneakers and head outside for a walk or run. Not only will it give you a chance to enjoy the warmer weather and blooming buds, but it’s also great exercise to keep your heart healthy!


Heart disease is America’s #1 killer among men and women, but you can help keep it at bay by beginning and maintaining a regular exercise program. Exercise helps keep your body healthy and your tissues and organs working properly. National health and exercise organizations recommend you do moderately intense physical activity for at least thirty minutes on most (preferably all) days of the week.


Need another incentive to head out for a walk or run? Start training early for the 2012 Rives Race 5K Run/Walk! This year’s Race will take place on Saturday, September 15th and this is the perfect opportunity for you to set a goal, work hard, and achieve it. Official Race registration won’t open until August 1, 2012, but you can stay up to date with all the Rives Race event news by liking the Rives Race group page on Facebook.


Are you a veteran Rives Race participant with suggestions to improve the event? Or are you looking for the perfect opportunity to be involved with one of High Point’s premier 5K events? Join us on the 2012 Rives Race committee! Contact April Carty for more information.


Proceeds from the Rives Race benefit Heart Strides, a High Point Regional program which provides cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation to patients who have experienced a cardiac or pulmonary event or medical procedure.

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