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High Point Regional Health System was the recipient of the 2004 NC Prevention Performance Award for Excellence in Business, presented by NC Prevention Partners at the organization’s Sixth Annual Meeting on September 8, 2004, in Chapel Hill.

High Point Regional is a major health system whose corporate wellness program is now completing its eighth year of providing a comprehensive health promotion initiative to its employees. High Point Regional employs a full-time wellness coordinator to develop initiatives aimed at encouraging activities that address the problems of tobacco use, poor nutrition, and lack of physical activity.

One of their innovative strategies is the “Wellness Rewards” Incentive Program, through which over 900 employees participate. “Wellness Rewards” encourages employees to work toward meeting nine different goals each year, including maintaining a blood pressure below 140/90, eliminating tobacco use, accumulating 30 minutes of moderate aerobic and/or weight training exercise an average of 3 or more days weekly, and increasing their health and wellness knowledge through continuing health education.

Over the last seven years, the participants in Wellness Rewards have averaged approximately $700 less in medical claims costs per claimant per year than those employees who have not participated in the Wellness Rewards program. Investment in the Wellness Rewards program is as little as $34 per participant, a wonderful return-on-investment that has resulted in a lower turnover rate among employees.

North Carolina Prevention Partners is a non-profit organization housed in the North Carolina Institute for Public Health, the service unit of the University of North Carolina School of Public Health. NC Prevention Partners’ mission is “Putting prevention first for a healthier North Carolina by fostering partnerships, promoting prevention, and influencing policy.”

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