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High Point Regional Health System Excited About PURPLE Crying®


Diaper changed. Just ate. Why is this baby still crying? Starting October 1, High Point Regional Health System will offer an innovative program designed to create a cultural change in the way parents and others think about infant crying, especially inconsolable crying.

“When a baby is crying and parents or caregivers can do nothing to make it stop, the frustration and stress can result in loss of control and violently shaking the baby,” said Angie Pendergrass, RN, Patient Care Coordinator, Women’s Health.

Offered by Keeping Babies Safe in North Carolina, the concept was created by Dr. Ronald Barr. It describes the characteristics of early infant crying in normal infants that begins about two weeks of age and usually ends by four or five months of age, if not earlier.

PURPLE represents:

Peak of Crying – Crying peaks during the second month, decreasing after that
Unexpected – Crying comes and goes unexpectedly, for no apparent reason
Resists Soothing – Crying continues despite all soothing efforts by caregivers
Pain-like Face – Infants look like they are in pain, even when they are not
Long Lasting – Crying can go on for 30-40 minutes at a time and often for much longer
Evening Crying – Crying occurs more in the late afternoon and evening

“Period” is used to let parents know that this experience of increased and frustrating crying is temporary and does come to an end.

At High Point Regional, new parents will receive a DVD and 11-page informational booklet about The Period of PURPLE Crying® to take home with their newest family member. The hospital will also include the program in the Expectant Parenting classes, a series of four classes designed to help expectant mothers and partners prepare for childbirth and parenting. For more information on the Expectant Parenting classes or the Period of PURPLE Crying®, call

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