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High Point Regional Celebrates a Century of Care


High Point Regional is proud to celebrate 100 years of caring service to our region. Several special activities highlight this event and are ongoing.

The High Point Museum (1859 E. Lexington Ave.) features a dramatic exhibit on the history of healthcare in High Point. From the lifesize saddle-bag horse ridden by the physician of the early 1900s, to the original Model-T Ford used by the Red Cross in the 1920s, to the iron lung from the 1940s this exhibit brings each historical era to life. For more information, call High Point Museum at 336-885-1859, or visit them on-line at www.highpointmuseum.org.

The Century of Care has also been captured in a commemorative booklet and historical DVD (also available on VHS). These items can be purchased at the High Point Museum.

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