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High Point Regional Announces First Use of Miniature Cardiac Monitor, Reveal LINQ™ ICM


 High Point Regional has become among the first hospitals in the region to implant the Medtronic Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) System in a patient, the smallest implantable cardiac monitoring device available.

The Reveal LINQ ICM is approximately one-third the size of a AAA battery, making it more than 80 percent smaller than other ICMs. While significantly smaller, the device is part of a powerful system that allows physicians to continuously and wirelessly monitor a patient’s heart for up to three years, with 20 percent more data memory than its larger predecessor, Reveal® XT.  

“The Reveal LINQ cardiac monitor is really the next step in the evolution of cardiac monitoring technologies,” said David Fitzgerald, MD, FACC. “The new Reveal LINQ monitor will provide exceptional comfort and convenience for the patient while providing invaluable information for the cardiologist.”

Cardiac monitors are used for a variety of reasons including identifying cardiac rhythm problems such as atrial fibrillation, evaluating symptoms such as palpitations or fainting to determine if a rhythm problem was the cause, and assessing response to medications used to treat abnormal heart rhythms. External monitors are usually used as the first line of investigation but the implanted monitor is used for recurring symptoms that are intermittent and might be missed since external monitors can only obtain up to 14 days of continuous information or 30 days of intermittent data.  The Reveal LINQ provides up to three years of monitoring data.

In addition to the Reveal LINQ’s continuous and wireless monitoring capabilities, the system provides remote monitoring through the Carelink® Network. Through the Carelink Network, physicians can request notifications to alert them if their patients have had cardiac events. The Reveal LINQ ICM is indicated for patients who experience symptoms such as dizziness, palpitation, syncope (fainting) and chest pain that may suggest a cardiac arrhythmia, and for patients at increased risk for cardiac arrhythmias. 

Placed just beneath the skin through a small incision of less than one centimeter in the upper left side of the chest, the Reveal LINQ ICM is often nearly invisible to the naked eye once inserted. No stitches are required.  The device is placed using a minimally invasive insertion procedure, which simplifies the experience for both physicians and their patients. The Reveal LINQ ICM is MR-Conditional, allowing patients to undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) if needed. 

The Reveal LINQ system also includes the new MyCareLink ™ Patient Monitor, a simplified remote monitoring system with global cellular technology that transmits patients’ cardiac device diagnostic data to their clinicians from nearly any location in the world.

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