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Breast Cancer Patient Invites Others Along For Chemo Field Trips


Cathy Weaver is fighting breast cancer – a battle she shares.

“After the shock of learning I had breast cancer, I realized I needed a way to make something positive come out of this challenge,” said Weaver. “I'm a writer with breast cancer. Maybe, just maybe, something I've experienced will make another woman's journey just a little bit simpler."

The result was Chemo Field Trips ( www.chemofieldtrips.com): an inspiring, yet personal patient blog with intimate details of a stage one breast cancer patient.

What should readers expect when they go on a Chemo Field Trips? “This blog was developed to explain my journey through treatment,” said Weaver.

She has been documenting her daily experiences describing the intricate details of using different medications, chemotherapy and even getting fitted for a wig. Chemo Field Trips is filled with useful and practical tips such as write down and store of your passwords in a safe place because of “chemo brain.”

Often readers will find the “crazy tip of the day” such as how to remove small hairs that were falling out due to chemo. ”I took a lint roller and rolled my scalp,” she explained. “It lifted a bunch of hairs off. It doesn’t hurt and I feel like that’s a few hundred hairs that aren’t going to fall on my neck and drive me nuts.”
Weaver has already helped others, simply by sharing.

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